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Types of OLHCC Scholarships

The term scholarship at Our Lady of Holy Cross College refers to any money awarded to a student to assist with payment of tuition, fees, or textbooks for an academic year.  OLHCC has three classifications of scholarships:

  • Endowed Scholarship: These are funds given to the College by donors to be used as scholarships for students.  The donor may establish requirements for the award. An endowed scholarship may not be available for awards every year. 
  • General Scholarships: These funds are given to the College by outside benefactors and designated to be used immediately for scholarships.  The College will determine if there are funds available and award scholarships accordingly. 
  • Institutional Scholarships: These are scholarships funded and awarded by OLHCC.

If you have any questions regarding OLHCC scholarships:
Anna Vaughan
Financial Aid Coordinator
4123 Woodland Drive
New Orleans, LA 70131