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Annual Fund

What is the Annual Fund?

Like many small colleges, Our Lady of Holy Cross College is tuition driven. This means that the majority of its yearly operational budget comes from student tuition. However, student tuition does not, and never will, equal the actual cost of educating a student. Our Lady of Holy Cross College this year supports 60% of all students in the form of some type of financial aid or scholarship. Our Annual Fund is needed to bridge the gap between what the student pays for school and what it actually costs the College to provide them that high-quality education. Technology, teacher salaries, tuition support and much more benefit from the Annual Fund!

Who Can Donate?

The great news about the Annual Fund is that anyone can contribute. We encourage alumni, students and friends of the College to make a donation. With an increase of 2% of alumni donor participation, OLHCC will reach its goal of 20% alumni participation, which makes OLHCC eligible to boost its income through competitive grants and funding opportunities.

Can I Restrict My Donation?

We highly recommend all donors to restrict their donations to a specific area. Choose from the following:
Teacher Development
Was there a certain professor at OLHCC that inspired you to strive for more in life? Are you interested in helping the many dynamic and dedicated faculty and administrators at OLHCC? If so, this is the fund for you. Currently, OLHCC faculty and staff are paid lower than the national average. With the Annual Fund, OLHCC will be able to award raises to these key educators and administrators, and retain these innovative individuals that so many students respect and admire
. Donate Today!

Student Scholarship
Educating the minds and hearts of our students is of ultimate importance at Our Lady of Holy Cross College. Since OLHCC supports 60% of our students in the form of financial aid or scholarship, it is imperative that we receive funds to continue to provide assistance for students who need it. Make a difference in a student's life by contributing to Student Development. Donate Today!

Technology Program
It is our goal to remain on the cutting edge and use the technology that best serves our students and faculty. In addition, we will provide technical items and support to aid in the delivery of instruction and always work to improve methodologies. Having a consistent source of funds is a requirement to stay current with technology, and to ensure our students will always have the best devices and support they deserve. Donate Today!

What Are the Giving Categories?

Donor Clubs
Friends $1-$99
Century $100-$249
Brother Andre $250-$499
Mother Mary $500-$999
President's $1000-$2499
Sainte Croix $2,500-$4,999
Spes Unica $5,000 +

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