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Thank You, Donors!

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Our Lady of Holy Cross College produces some of the area's most dedicated teachers, best nurses, and a host of other outstanding employees and future business owners all of whom have a direct impact on the quality of life in our region. Never before has your support been so important, because you are not only helping us maintain our high-quality education, but also assisting with the renaissance of New Orleans.

Whether you are able to help through involvement with the school, mentoring and job placement for students, or through funding and grants assistance, you are giving back to our college and the community. We appreciate your support.

To support Our Lady of Holy Cross college please use our Donation Form or contact:

David M. Catherman
Vice President for Philanthropy and Stewardship
Office of Philanthropy & Stewardship
Office: 504 398-2228
Fax: 504 398-2298

Toll Free (800) 259-7744