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Mark D. Kuss, J.D.

Department/Program: Philosophy, History, and Social Sciences


Born and raised in Jefferson Parish. Involved in higher education since 1982 and a member of the OLHCC Faculty since 1997. Mr. Kuss speaks German, French and Russian.

Curriculum Vitae

B.A. University of New Orleans - Drama Communications (1978)

M.A. University of New Orleans - European History (1987 )

Completed all coursework for the Ph.D in European History at Louisiana State University

Courses Taught

Hist 101 (Western Civilization I)

Hist 102 (Western Civilization II)

Hist 201 (U.S. History I)

Hist 202 (U.S. History II)

Hist 325 (The Ancient World)

Hist 335 (The Middle Ages)

Hist 345 (The Enlightenment and French Revolution)

Hist 350 (The Nineteenth Century)

Hist 470 (The French Revolution and Napoleon)

Hist 481 (Europe in Transition-1890-1945)

Hist 482 (Contemporary Europe)

Psc 375 (Judicial Process)

Psc380 (Constitutional Law)

Office Location

North Hall #4

Office Hours

Varies by semester

Mailing Address

4123 Woodland Drive, New Orleans, La. 70131

Direct Phone

(504) 398-2333

Department Phone

(504) 394-7744

Fax Number

(504) 391-2421

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