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Liberal Arts

B.A. in Liberal Arts Curriculum Guide (PDF)

A.A. in Liberal Arts Curriculum Guide (PDF)



The curriculum of the Liberal Arts degree program is structured to offer a broad range of courses designed to provide the student with a choice of concentrations in two subject areas of interest. The program gives the student latitude in creating a curriculum to meet his/her needs and interests. It affords the opportunity to combine areas of concentration mutually enhancing to each other, thereby providing a more effective and comprehensive education.


The broad purpose of the program in Liberal Arts is to provide a firm foundation upon which to gain understanding and appreciation of mankind's accomplishments in the arts, sciences, and humanities. This purpose is described by the following outcomes:

  • The successful student will gain knowledge and appreciation of the artistic, political, historical, social, economic, and broad cultural experiences of peoples from prehistoric times to the modern era;
  • The student is afforded the opportunity to pursue areas of special interest in various disciplines across the combined curricula of the College, humanities, business, psychology, sociology, natural and social sciences, and mathematics.

For a more detailed description of the Liberal Arts degree program, please see page 108 of the 2012-2013 College Catalog.

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