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Accelerated Organizational Management Program

Information Sessions
Fall 2014 Enrollment
Accelerated Business Program in Organizational Management

March 20
April 10

April 24
May 15

Campus Location: Room 40
RSVP-Dr. Armine Shahoyan

Curriculum Guide

BS  Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Management Curriculum Guide (PDF) 

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BS) with a concentration in Organizational Management is designed to serve the educational needs of the non-traditional learner and working adult age 23 and older.

This program enables adult enrollees to complete course work for a college degree at times most convenient to them: evenings and/on the weekends. Students will complete courses in management, legal and ethical issues in business management, organizational management, human development and behavior, communication skills, business law, evaluation and analysis of operational management strategies. Students will use real case studies and scenarios to apply course material to actual businesses and non-profit agencies. In addition students will also take courses in accounting, economics, finance, managerial economics, marketing, and statistics.  

Career Opportunities for Organizational Management Graduates

The Program will prepare students to enter the field of management for a wide range of companies, businesses and industries. Since there are many different fields within organizational management this curriculum is designed to apply across industries and institutions. Opportunities for career enhancement and new jobs will increase greatly after successful completion of the Organizational Management Program and graduation from Our Lady of Holy Cross College.


Graduates of the BS in Organizational Management will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of management, leadership, marketing, planning, and resource management within the context of various organizational cultures.

  • Develop the conceptual and analytical skills necessary to assess environmental and organizational realities of companies and institutions, and develop strategic plans capable of enabling the organization to achieve its goals.

  • Demonstrate communication and human relations skills essential to working and succeeding in a culturally diverse environment.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the tools required to manage the processes of a new and an existing business. 

Motivation for  Adult Learners in Organizational Management Program

Adult Learners of OLHCC’s  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentration in Organizational Management, in addition to the previously mentioned advantages of the program, will also be receive the following benefits through participation in the program:

  • Social relationships and networking: to make new friends, to meet a need for associations and friendships.

  • External expectations: to comply with instructions from someone else; to fulfill the expectations or recommendations of someone with formal authority.

  • Social welfare: to improve ability to serve mankind, prepare for service to the community, and improve ability to participate in community building.

  • Personal advancement: to achieve higher status in a job, secure professional advancement, and stay abreast of competitors.

  • Escape/Stimulation: to relieve boredom, provide a break in the routine of home or work, and provide a contrast to other exacting details of life.

  • Cognitive interest: to learn for the sake of learning, seek knowledge for its own sake, and to satisfy an inquiring mind.

Requirements for Admission

Students interested in pursuing the BS in Organizational Management are admitted to the Our Lady of Holy Cross College in the same manner used to admit any other transfer student. The admission steps are listed below:

  • Must be admitted to OLHCC.

  • Must be 23 years of age and older.

  • Must have earned an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree from an accredited institution or must have two years of prior college work with at least 60 semester hours (including ENG 101, ENG 102, MAT 105 or equivalents) of college credits with grade “C” and above.

  • Must have GPA of at least 2.00.

  • Must be employed or have had significant work experience.

Conditional admission is possible. To be admitted under the conditional category, the candidate must have minimum of 54 semester hours along with the compensating qualities in the field of Management (5 and more year experience in managerial work). Admission must be approved by the program’s admission committee. More information may be obtained by calling to the Business Administration Department.


General Degree Requirements

General Educational Requirements


OMP Program Core Requirements





127 semester hours


Graduation Requirements

Candidates for graduation with BS of Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Management (OMP) must:

  • Complete the requirements of the OMP.

  • Possess a GPA of at least 2.00 in Gen Ed and have attained “C” or better in all business classes.

  • Complete an application for graduation and secure the approval of the advisor and department chair.


Courses Required to satisfy core curriculum of the Program

MGT 301

Principles of Management



Transition Through Adult Life



Organizational Behavior



Foundations of Economics



Marketing Management



Applied Business Statistics


MGT 307

Business Communications



Human Resource Management


MGT 302

Ethical Issues of Business


MGT 414

Accounting for Managers


MGT 403

Business Law/Legal Aspects of the Business


MGT 406

Managerial Finance


MGT 305



MGT 458

International Management


MGT 409

Operations Management


MGT 418

Strategic Management


MGT 405

Managerial Economics


MGT 420

Senior Capstone Project 1


MGT 421

Senior Capstone Project 2



52 semester hours


OLHCC Core Values


Mission Statement of the Business Department

The Department of Business contributes to the Our Lady of Holy Cross College’s mission by providing its students quality education that prepares them to assume successful professional careers in a dynamic global environment. An emphasis is placed on theoretical knowledge reinforced with practical application in the areas of technological innovations, communication skills, ethical decision making, critical thinking, acceptable management practices, and Catholic values.

Vision Statement

Educating both the mind and heart, we invite students to join a diverse family which celebrates the uniqueness of each person, searches for the truth, and provides the personal attention to individual needs required to succeed.


Professor Larry Audler
Business Department Chair

4123 Woodland Drive
New Orleans, LA   70131
Tel: 504-394-7744
Toll Free: 800-259-7744
Fax: 504-391-2421