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Business Administration

Business Administration



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Accelerated Organizational Management Program

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B.S. in Business Administration Curriculum Guide (PDF)

This curriculum provides a broad exposure to all functions of business, a necessary requirement for a successful professional career. The world of business is becoming increasingly complex, interactive, and internationalized. Thus the narrowly trained functional specialist is fast being replaced by the broadly educated generalist. This curriculum is also recommended for those desiring to pursue further study in law or public administration. Students planning to enter graduate school are advised to enroll in calculus.

Degree Requirements

The degree of Bachelor of Science in a program in Business Administration is conferred upon students who complete an approved program of study with a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 2.5 GPA in professional course work. A minimum grade of C must be earned in all courses pertaining to the major course of study.


A major consists of a minimum of 27 semester hours of advanced course work in one area of concentration. Concentrations are offered in accounting, management, and marketing. Dual concentrations are available with an additional 18 hours of that curriculum.


The specific objectives of the business curricula are

  1. To equip students for entry-level professional positions in private and public enterprise, as well as for eventual managerial and executive responsibilities;
  2. To provide a sound academic exposure to all business functions to persons already employed;
  3. To prepare students for subsequent graduate studies in business or other disciplines;
  4. To advance business as a profession and to foster successful and ethical practice in private and public enterprise.

Student Outcomes of the Business Administration Program

Upon successful completion of the Business Administration Program, students should be able to

  1. Recall essential factual information in their chosen curriculum;
  2. Read, understand and critique standard reference works and professional periodicals in the area of concentration of their chosen curriculum;
  3. Assess critically theories and trends in the area of concentration of their chosen curriculum;
  4. Practice professional business and economic skills;
  5. Demonstrate the ability to engage in critical thinking, decision making, and independent judgment in the area of concentration of their chosen curriculum;
  6. Practice leadership skills in collaboration with members of the business profession;
  7. Accept ethical responsibility and accountability for professional decisions, actions, and their consequences.
  8. Through participation in our required business internship program, students will work hand-in-hand with business representatives in the field of their choice while earning course credit for their time. Students will also have the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with these business partners that can assist them in future job opportunity searches.

Meet The Faculty


Lillian Grose, guest speaker

Lillian Grose, Assistant Professor of Accounting, was the guest speaker at Delgado Community College Alpha Beta Gamma Initiation ceremony on April 14, 2013.  She discussed the evolution of education in New Orleans and the economic benefits of higher education.  Ms. Grose is a former advisor for the Delgado West Bank Chapter of the International Business Honor Society.


BSG Global Top 100 Performance

Business Policies and Problems Professor Rabalais recently sent a message of kudos to the business faculty and the liberal art support at OLHCC for providing the strong background that has allowed his students to be so successful in their BUS414 capstone course. Using The Business Strategy Game, an online exercise, teams compete at the task of running an athletic footwear company in a global marketplace. Students apply the concepts learned in previous business courses in an effort to run a competitive yet profitable company. Mr. Rabalais reports that students love the program and constantly stop him to say how much fun they are having with it.

The Congratulations Email follows:

 From: BSG-Central []

Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2013 7:24 PM

To: Rabalais, Jason

Subject: BSG Global Top 100 Performances in Your Class 

Dear Professor Rabalais:

Congratulations are in order for students in your class who earned a Global Top 100 ranking for their company's BSG performance during the week of 15-Apr-13 through 21-Apr-13.

Industry 13

The co-managers of Attackers (Company A) earned a Global Top 100 ranking on the following performance criteria:

  *   Earnings Per Share - Their EPS of $43.18 was the 5th best EPS performance of the week, worldwide!

  *   Stock Price - Their Stock Price of $821.13 was the 7th best Stock Price performance of the week, worldwide!

You should be quite proud of your students for such an excellent performance - a performance that reflects quite well on you and the caliber of instruction that students are receiving in your course. View the Global Top 100 lists for the week of 15-Apr-13 through 21-Apr-13.<>

Each Monday we compile lists of the prior week's best-performing companies worldwide based on each of four measures: Overall Score (current year), Earnings Per Share, Return On Average Equity, and Stock Price.

Congratulations once again to you and your students and thank you for using BSG in your class. As always, please call or e-mail if you have any questions or any suggestions for improving the simulation.

Best regards from the BSG author team,

Art Thompson

Greg Stappenbeck

Mark Reidenbach



For Questions or More Information

 Contact Enrollment Services at 504-398-2175