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Our Lady of Holy Cross College Online Programs

Our Lady of Holy Cross College offers a variety of courses where you can earn credit via the Internet. However, please download this pdf to find out: Are You Ready to Be an Online Student? (PDF)

Online Nursing Program!

Online R.N. to B.S.N. Degree Program

All online courses are on Blackboard. To log into the site, please Click Here as soon as you have registered. Please note Sections are C1 unless otherwise noted.


Spring 2014 Online Courses

Instructor Course Course Name
BUS210.C1 Business Communications
Professor James Zeller
BUS312.C1 Physical Distribution & Logistics
Professor Lillian Grose BUS 320.C1 Tax Accounting II
TBA BUS 377.C1 Marketing Management
Professor Aaron Ortloff
CIS111.C1 Intermediate Computer Literacy
Dr. Roy Salgado COU390.C1 Directed Readings
Dr. Armine Shahoyan
ECO202.C1 Principles Of Economics II Microeconomic
Dr. Brooke Muntean EDU311.C1 Teaching Reading in the Content Area
Dr. Brooke Muntean EDU464.C1ES Introduction to Language and Culture
Professor Stephen Pearce ENG200.C1 Introduction to Literary Forms
Professor Karen Menge
Natural Disasters
Professor David Goldberg HIS301.C1 Louisiana History
Professor Mark Kuss HIS350.C1 Nineteenth Century Europe
Dr. Michael Labranche MAT160.C1 Introductory Statistics
Professor Francis Scully MUS205.C1 Music Appreciation
Dr. Faye Mitchell NSG355.C1 Contemporary Issues in Nursing
Professor Anita Althans NSG360.C1 Health Assessment for RNs
Dr. Tess O'Neill NSG370.C1 Pathophysiology for RNs
Dr. Faye Mitchell NSG385.C1 Nursing Research and EBP
Dr. Tess O'Neill NSG471.C1 Community Health Nursing of Diverse Populations
Dr. Faye Mitchell NSG485.C1 Special Topics in Nursing
Professor Edward Johnson
PHI101.C1 Introduction to Philosophy
Professor Edward Johnson PHI207.C1 Introduction to Logic/Critical Thinking
Dr. Peter Gittens PHI306.C1 Philosophical Ethics
Professor Karen Menge PHY101.C1 Physical Science
Professor Karen Menge PHY210.C1 Astronomy
Professor Dottie Martin PSY101.C1 General Psychology
Dr. Roy Salgado PSY412.C1 Directed Readings
Professor Ouida Frazier-Smith
SOC101.C1 Introduction to Sociology
Dr. Margaret McKinnon THE285.C1 Theology and Health Care Ethics
TBA THE285.C2 Theology and Health Care Ethics