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Master of Arts Theology

Graduate Theology

M.A. in Theology Curriculum Guide (PDF)

The Graduate Program in Theology offers specific training and preparation for future theological study, catechetical ministry and pastoral leadership through its M.A., Theology Curriculum, a thirty-six (36) credit hour course of study, which culminates in a major research project and the conferral of the degree of Master of Arts in Theology. It provides the required academic coursework for this degree in a format suited to the needs of contemporary students. The program requirements are geared toward engaging students in graduate level learning and research in all of the foundational areas in Catholic Theology: Scripture, Sacred Tradition, dogmatic and moral reflection through the engagement of theological sources based on a methodical introduction to the nature, goals and practice of quality theological research.

The program seeks to enable students to become mature student-theologians with the ability to pursue lifelong theological study and professional pursuits related to the fields of theology, catechesis and pastoral leadership. Such formation includes the development of the whole person in regard to spirituality and the values necessary to engage in the multiplicity of forms taken by the Church's mission to the world. The Graduate Program in Theology actively seeks to lead students into, and empower them for, the various apostolates in the Church, and, whenever possible, endeavors to engage them in corporate apostolic activity in order to train them for effective Catholic outreach.


Graduate Theology Program Handbook