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Board of Regents

Board of Regents

Larry Oney Deacon Larry Oney
Chairman, Board of Regents
Chairman and CEO
Hammerman & Gainer Intl.
New Orleans
Sr. Gretchen Dysart, MSC Sr. Gretchen Dysart, MSC
Marianite of Holy Cross
New Orleans
Kyle France Mr. Kyle M. France
Vice Chairman, Board of Regents
(assumes Chairman's office July 1, 2014)
Kehoe-France, Inc.
Sr. Ellen Kron, DC Sr. Ellen Kron, DC
Vice President of Community Health
Ministries, Ascension Health
Dennise Sauvage Ms. Dennise V. Sauvage
Vice Chairman-Elect, Board of Regents
(assumes  Vice Chairman's office July 1, 2014)
Public  Affairs Director, Workforce
Management and Consulting Office
Veterans Health Administration
New Orleans
Dr. Jan Lancaster Dr. Jan Lancaster
Office of Catholic Schools
Archdiocese of New Orleans
Br. Donald Blauvelt, CSC Brother Donald Blauvelt, CSC
St. Edward's University
Austin, TX
Dr. David 'Buck' Landry Dr. David "Buck" Landry
Managing Director
Raymond James & Co.
New Orleans
Terrel Brousard Deacon Terrel Broussard, Esq.
Legal Counsel
Hammerman & Gainer Intl.
New Orleans
Mrs. Pam Lincoln Mrs. Pam Lincoln
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
National Finance Center
New Orleans
Sr. Keri Burke, MSC Sr. Keri Burke, MSC
Marianite of Holy Cross
New Orleans
S Gordon Reese III Mr. S. Gordon Reese III
Political and Marketing Consultant
Innovative Advertising
G. Price Crane, Jr. Mr. G. Price Crane, Jr.
Retired Financial Advisor
New Orleans
Mr. Steve Worley Mr. Steve Worley
President and CEO
Louisiana Children's Medical Center
New Orleans
Maura Donahue Mrs. Maura Donahue
Donahue Favret Contractors Holding Company
Vice President of Business Development,
Donahue Favret Contractors, Inc.
New Orleans
Glenn Gennaro Mr. Glenn Gennaro

Ex-Officio Members 

President Ronald Ambrosetti Dr. Ronald J. Ambrosetti
Our Lady of Holy Cross College
New Orleans
Sr. Ann Lacour Sr. Ann Lacour, MSC
Congregational Leader
Chair of the Members of the College Corporation
New Orleans



Sr. Ann Lacour, M.S.C.

Sr. Chris Perrier, M.S.C.

Sr. Verda Frederick, M.S.C.

Sr. Cynthia Knowles, M.S.C.

Sr. Judith Coreil, M.S.C.

Sr. Joel Miller, M.S.C.

Advisory Group for the President

Hon. Jeff Arnold
Dr. H. L. "Rocky" Asevedo
Dr. Berengher Brechtel
Hon. Jackie Clarkson
Sr. Maria Columbo, F.M.A.
Hon. Jack Donahue
Mrs. Maura Donahue
Peter Finney, Jr.
Frank France
Howard Gaines
Dr. Larry Giambelluca
Timothy Gibbons
Glenn Hayes
Hon. Francis Heitmeier
Robert Howson
Dr. Jan Lancaster
Brian Landry
Dr. "Buck" Landry
Deborah Lea
Thomas Moran
Ernest O'Bannon
Glenn Orgeron
A.J. Palermo
Dr. William Pinsky
Wayne Plaisance
Pat Quinn
Mrs. Hope Read
Paul Richard
Dr. Brian Riedlinger
Hon. Christopher Roberts
Ms. Laure Rousselle
Stan Salathe
Ms. Carolyn Sheridan
Lloyd Tate
Kenneth Tedesco
Dr. Russ Trahan
Richard Treuting
Mary Ann Valentino